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The following is information that should help you get started in your research. 


You can download what is below in PDF form: Note on Research Resources.pdf 



Connecting to UC Berkeley Libraries while off campus:

If you are in the dorms or connected via AirBears, you should have no problem connecting to our library's resources, otherwise the following websites may help:


Guide to Connecting Off Campus


More about Connecting Off Campus



News Research Resources:

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe


General Research Resources:



When on Google Scholar, I recommend you select "Advanced Preferences" and then type-in Berkeley to include it as one of the libraries.


Expanded Academic ASAP


ISI Web of Science


Government Information

The Doe/Moffitt Libraries' acquire government publications through depository, exchange, and cooperative programs in a variety of formats including print, microfiche, electronic, and Web resources.


California & Other States

California Government, Election Information, Local, County & Regional, Other US States, Statistics, Population and Demographics...



General Resources, President/Executive Branch, Congress/Legislative Branch, Supreme Court/Judiciary, Agencies and Departments, Congressional Publications Quick Guide, Statistics...


Foreign Governments

General Resources, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Canada, Asia & Pan-Pacifica...


International Organizations

General Resources, United Nations, European Union, Non-Governmental Organizations, Full-Text Databases, Statistics ...


Recently blogged:


What's New

November 2006 Elections

GovChat - Government IM Reference

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