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Taking Notes

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General Notes


Note Taking Roundup

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Recovering the Lost Art of Note-Taking

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How to take good notes

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The UC Berkley Student Learning Center's Note-taking Tips



Lecture Notes


Take Study-Worthy Lecture Notes

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Reading Notes




Mortimer J. Adler’s (1940) How to Read a Book is not very short but it is valuable. One of the things he does, for instance, is distinguish between “three distinct readings”. Structural, or analytic, reading proceeds from the whole to the parts. Interpretive, or synthetic, reading, proceeds from the parts to the whole. Critical, or evaluative, reading involves judgments by the reader. There is also a newer version of this book, co-authored with Charles Van Doren, which outlines four reading styles. The older version of the book is available in UC Berkeley’s Main Library: PN83 .A43; the newer version is available in both the Main and Undergraduate Libraries: PN83 .A43 1972



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